Eco-gestures for a green office

Companies go digital, they have to go green too. For the sake of the planet but also for the sake of their employees professional organisations have to realize that green is the new blue. Caring and sustaining are no trends. Eco-gestures for a green office make you feel good at work and amplifies your will and creativity. Now is the time to seriously think about going green at work. Here are a few environment-friendly policies you should adopt.

Awareness is a green word

Any office team should be aware of its own power to make the world more viable for the next generations. Awareness is the first step to be taken when you want any change come true. At work a sustainability team can raise awareness. So, it can accomplish more. Team’s projects should start to recycle more and more. It has to be an active part of purchasing decisions proposing energy-efficient appliances and promoting the buying of green cleaning supplies.

Eco-friendly education can be pursued by organizing staff meetings during informational lunch-and-learn sessions. It should be attended by all concerned team’s members and might be animated by water and power or waste authority specialists. Engagement is much more than top executives memos and word of mouth is best for eco-gesture propaganda. Since obstinacy is key to an office green policy monthly eco-inspections at the office are mandatory.

Challenge your team to a green duel

On a monthly not too demanding ground your organisation has to challenge itself. Your team shall engage a green duel. It is the only one where both duelists do come out safer. The discovery and removal of plastic eating utensils at the office should be rewarded with free coffee, gift cards or maybe just a hug by the boss. There should be an Oscar for the less-photocopying colleague or a Grammy for the office champ who is always opting for greener office products.

Caring is about never forgetting. All members of the team leaving the office late are responsible for the shutting of the light and the computers. Poor ones that are ignoring this essential principle shall be friendly but firmly lectured. Responsibility starts with your own will to change what is not right. Safety, health wellness, and environmental issues should be at the center of your concerns and you should be a messenger of these values for your team.

Take the world in a new embrace

Let’s talk about the future, forget about the past. Even small organisations can use green power sources. Solar and wind energy, are more accessible than ever. Why don’t you push for a rooftop solar installation or a small wind farm? If this not an option you have to convince your boss to buy his business electricity from a supplier which offers green energy plans. It has to be generated by renewable energy sources. These sources tend to be more and more cheaper than the dirty fossil ones.

The green working team has to realize that there are two enemies standing in the shadows. Paper and heat. There is no way you can work better under high temperatures. Warmth is mainly generated by non-renewable energy sources. So let’s put the temperature down. In the age of digital one shall not use so much paper. Printers are dinosaurs of the past. Even legal documents can now be digitally signed. Nobody has the right to kill trees to write on their shrouds, especially in the convenience rooms.

Let green take charge of the office

Don’t you know that a desk plant improves indoor air quality? Please use and abuse of our green friends presence and in hard times of hardworking they shall always be with you. It is of common scientific knowledge that employees working close by sunlit windows do have a 15% higher production rate. Stay in natural light and you and your boss will be happy. Natural light is the setter for body’s circadian rhythms. It does control your awakening and you falling asleep. It is a vitamin D synthesizer and a digestion initiator.

Don’t let your computer workstation being too close to the office walls. It will irradiate more heat and see its lifetime significantly reduced. Even before being at work you should prioritize green commuting facilities. If you are not the happy owner of an electric powered car you might be a public transportation network user. It is your right and duty to promote green commuting and to find the shortest path to your office.