Do you find it difficult to retain your best talents in your company?

You know it even better than we do! The permanent contract is indeed an obsolete concept.
The current economic and societal context requires an active and agile posture, on the part of both the employer and the employee, who must be able to question themselves at every moment in order to remain attractive.

Today, both of them are looking for “horizontal” exchanges! By this we mean that it is necessary to be more transparent between what the one and the other can bring to each other.
And this without any kind of language! On one side as well as on the other, it is indeed a question of growth.
Employers are looking to retain profiles that are high enough to support the growth of their company. And employees want to be part of a team that will boost their own career paths.

Two elements are necessary for the recipe to work:
– Employees need to trust the fact that their company will help them grow.
– Employers need to accept that ambitious and entrepreneurial profiles are – in essence – going to leave them one day to carry out their own projects.

Regardless of which generation they belong to, your employees expect you to do the same:
– Recognition for the work they do
– An outlook for development and leadership
– A space to speak out in decisions that affect the life of their company
– A meaning to the work they do every day

Are you looking for talents to join your structure?
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