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About Us An advisory firm in full expansion

Kingsley & Partners is an enthusiastic, dedicated team of career management experts based in Luxembourg and Belgium.

We offer tailor-made support in three specific areas: Finance, Wealth Management and Legal.

Whether you are looking for a talent to join your company or an expert dedicated to helping you develop your career, we will scrupulously fulfil the task you set us, supported by a caring, expert and bold stance.

We are proud of our talents, most of whom we support exclusively, not only for their level of expertise but also for their work ethic.

We are also delighted that our clients choose us because of our distinctive values and high expertise.

Our Values Kingsley & Partners draws on values that are strong, distinctive and essential to the development and long-term stability of the team.
With the guidance of these values, we are sure of offering you the best possible service and advice.

  • Expertise

    Our organization stands out through the marked specialisation of our consultants which is twofold: they each work in a specific field and in a defined geographical area. This affords them exceptional knowledge of their markets. In addition, we go to considerable ends to constantly offer them access to both internal and external training so that they continue to develop, fulfil themselves and gain in efficiency. We are also building partnerships with other expert organisations working in our fields to offer ever more accurate propositions and grow our network. Finally, we believe that one of our most important qualities must be to listen, whether to the needs of our customers, the expectations of our talents, how our markets are evolving or the innovations that are driving change in our profession every day.

  • Determination

    Whether you are a talent or a client, whenever you task us with an assignment, we always pursue it with maximum determination. To always provide you with the best service, we use a wide range of tools, starting with what we consider to be the most important: a rich and active network of professionals, acquired over the years and on which we can count today. In addition, and because we always remain people-focussed, we invest a sizeable proportion of our income in deploying alternative methods to classic job boards, such as networking events, business clubs or specialist trade shows. Finally, our method is entirely founded on zero-risk, meaning in practice that all the pre-recruitment steps are completely free of charge for our clients and that the support we offer to our talents is completely free.

  • Care for people

    People lie at the heart of our business, and consequently we feel a duty to adopt an attitude of empathy and transparency with regard to the interests of our talents and our customers, but it also requires our active involvement in the entire process of embarking upon a new professional challenge. The same caring attitude that we show towards you is also extended to our whole team. We encourage people to freely share their ideas, respecting the opinions and differences of everyone. We strongly believe that this value underpins our success today and will continue to do so tomorrow. This is why we thought it natural to share it with those who need it the most, and we are proud to support several charities working to care for people and promote education.

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