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You are someone who would like to further develop some individual talents? Join our solid company, where the sharing of information and participating to trainings are primordial.

At Kingsley & Partners, we are proud to successfully combine
a highly qualitative professional approach and an excellent working atmosphere, based on self-fulfilment and personal development.

A tailored Work-Life balance

We believe that happiness is directly linked to performance. Combining fun times while performing professional tasks in an easygoing atmosphere is key for well-being at work. A happy coworker will automatically share positive vibes to its colleagues and consequently be more productive. They also get to work with an adaptable schedule with telecommuting and flexible time slots.

The best incentives on the market

Fancy going on holidays, driving a new car or getting your Friday afternoon off? The incentives are a target to be obtained by going the extra mile, a reward offered for greater performance. Because we value team effort as much as personal growth, we offer individual, pair-wise and team objectives to stimulate both team spirit and individual fulfillment through challenges.

A flat organizational structure

Work within an accessible management team which aims at internal harmony. At Kingsley & Partners, we are aware and thus convinced that a comprehensive, transparent and honest communication is needed towards achieving success. This way of working is based on a quick, fluent and efficient sharing of information within the company, throughout the respective departments.

Renowned clients and reliable talents

Profit from a strong and reliable client database. Thanks to our specialization in our respective areas, we have developed a reputable name and a sharp professional network worth mentioning on the market. Our renowned clients and reliable talents seek the advice of our experts to find solutions that meet their needs.

Continuous training & career perspectives

Our goal is to help you grow by developing your skills and make them flourish. We are offering periodic and targeted training sessions in order to acquire or reinforce new competences, but also to give you the opportunity to move up ranks within the organization and stay up-to-date in a fast-moving sector where technology is an essential tool for daily performance.

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