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Our approach Our approach is centred on you, which in practice means that our goal is to provide you with the best possible advice for your career, and to completely relieve you of the process of searching for a new career opportunity.

1ST week 2ND week
Making contact
You are applying for an offer or we are contacting you
Interview - Career Advices
You have an interview with one of our consultants:
  • Together we will go over your expectations and requirements
  • We will give you advice on your career
Validation of your profile
We assess your abilities and skills on the basis of your responses to a series of questionnaires
Selection of opportunities and tailored offers
Thanks to our expertise, we can detect the best opportunities available on the market.
We select and present those that match your profile and your requirements.
Presentation of your profile
to our clients
If our selection of opportunities is of interest to you, we present your profile to our clients.
Interview management
  • We detect and clear up any of your queries.
  • We arrange your interviews with our clients.
  • We help you prepare and give you our best advice before your interviews.
We organize the signature of the contract for your new professional venture.
Post placement follow-up
We help and support you during the process of leaving your current job.
We also make joining your new company as easy as possible: administrative matters, advice on your new career destination, etc.

Career Advices Our advices to support your professional development

For more details please contact our team of professionals Contact Us