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Nous vous aidons à trouver le bon cap pour votre carrière.

  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • Monaco
  • Switzerland
  • Worldwide
  • Relationship Manager
  • Business Developer
  • CRM Institutional
  • Wealth Planner
  • Portfolio / Investment Manager
  • Private Banking Assistant
  • Private Bankers Team
  • Head of Private Banking
  • CEO Private Banking
  • CIO
  • Wealth Manager
  • Private Banker
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Kingsley & Partners est une équipe d'experts en management de carrière passionnée et engagée, présente au Luxembourg et en Belgique.
Nous vous proposons un accompagnement sur-mesure dans trois domaines spécifiques : Finance, Wealth Management et Legal.

Que vous soyez à la recherche d'un talent pour intégrer votre entreprise ou que vous soyez vous-même à la recherche d'un expert dédié à l'épanouissement de votre carrière professionnelle, nous prendrons intégralement en charge la mission que vous nous confierez, guidés par une véritable posture bienveillante, experte et audacieuse.

À propos
Dernières offres d'emploi Voir plus

Senior Private Banker - International Boutique

Benefit from the best of both worlds: a small structure within a prestigious group!

This international boutique is part of a well-known group with a presence all across Europe.

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Senior Wealth Manager - Asset Management Firm

Work with an ambitious External Asset Manager with unlimited bonus-schemes!

Our client is an External Asset Management Firm with 20 years of experience and has branches in every Flemish region.

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Senior Private Banker - Top-Tier Belgian Private Bank

Mortgage/Lombard - Excellent services

This Belgian Private Bank is part of a well-known group with a presence in more than 50 cities.

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Kingsley & Partners soutient l’association « Un Enfant par la Main »

Un Enfant par la Main

Particulièrement sensible aux valeurs humaines, nous mettons un point d’honneur à soutenir l’association Un Enfant par la Main afin de venir en aide aux enfants et familles démunis. Nous sommes ravis aujourd’hui, de pouvoir aider des enfants du monde entier en les parrainant.

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Google is ready to operate in Bissen

Google is ready to operate in Bissen

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How has Luxembourg been included in the prestigious guide Hachette of wines?

How has Luxembourg been included in the prestigious guide Hachette of wines?

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Luxembourgish or commuter coming from surrounding countries? You will soon travel for free inside Luxembourg.

Luxembourgish or commuter coming from surrounding countries? You will soon travel for free inside Luxembourg.

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Tips to eat healthy at the office

With long hours at the office, we often tend to quickly grab a take away which we will eat while answering some emails.

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The 10 best sights in Luxembourg

For a small place, Luxembourg offers a grand choice of attractions for your international visitors to see.

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Eco-gestures for a green office

Companies go digital, they have to go green too. For the sake of the planet but also for the sake of their employees professional organisations have to realize that green is the new blue.

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Luxembourg investment funds in the next decade

Concerning Luxembourg’s investment funds future, it is essential to emphasize the consequent changes. Industries cause radical changes.

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Luxembourg: internationalism and workforce

One relevant characteristic of Luxembourg economy is a world-wide face of its labour force. Luxembourg job market really possesses a worldwide and multicultural working environment.

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2018 World Cup: how to involve ereybody at work ?

Throughout the world, the 21st soccer world cup brings people together. In the workplace, it provides managers with a unique occasion to unite their workers around a common interest.

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7 mistakes to avoid making at your new job

British author Andrew Grant once wrote: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. He was right. First impressions matter, especially at work.

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Digitalization of Private Banker: trustworthy?

While digitalization of private banking is a commonly accepted practice its usage should be carefully weighted with regular human expertise. Hundreds of years of banking experience will not be transferred to even the smartest AI models in just one day.

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E-banking, what will banking look like in the future?

Almost all banks all over the world offer most of their traditional services such as account checking, transfers, portfolio management…

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The stakes of GDPR, the risks of this decision

The EU Parliament approved GDPR on 14 April 2016 after four long years of preparation and debate. The day of its enforcement is scheduled to be on 25th of May 2018.

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Where to enjoy gorgeous meals and get a brunch in Luxembourg city?

To satisfy such customers, these places must offer unforgettable food experiences elaborated with local products.

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LegalTechs, a disruptive innovation for the lawyers’ professions

Within only a few years LegalTechs have become a main concern for all lawyers’ professions. Brand new technologies, tightly linked to advances in artificial intelligence (AI), have made possible real understanding of texts of law.

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Luxembourg, an attractive destination for expats

The Grand Duchy ranks in the top 20 destinations for expatriates according to the Expat Insider 2017 ranking, carried out by InterNations.

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Optimize your wealth management with new technological tools

What are the trends or technological advances in wealth management sector? More than ever, digitalization is a step to optimize asset management.

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Europe’s first steps in green finance

Green finance represents a relevant issue presently and for the next years. Companies have to achieve their compulsory participation in greenhouse gas emission, in a sustainable craze.

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Will chatbots forever change the banking experience?

We used to consider AI (Artificial Intelligence) like a pipe dream, somewhere between Siri – our favorite smartphone assistant – and a powerful computer designed to fulfill all of our desires.

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Brexit: the effect on Private Banking in Luxembourg

Luxembourg financial activities, and Private Banking in particular, will surely benefit from the Brexit and there are many good reasons to that. This might be one of the smallest territories in the European Union but it is a well-known financial stronghold which has always been praised for its unadvertised financial practices.

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Luxembourg: the cross-border center of expertise for your private wealth

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is very close to the center of gravity of the European Union and very far from all the destabilizing factors that could jeopardize your private wealth.

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Témoignages Ce que l'on dit de nous


“Professionnel, efficace et capable de réagir rapidement et efficacement”

Marc Private Banker based in Luxembourg

“K&P m’a apporté un accompagnement clair et cohérent tout au long du process"

Laure Senior Associate in a Law firm based in Belgium

“Un cabinet professionnel, respect du candidat, interaction agréable et suivi de qualité”

Olivier Risk Officer in a Fund Administration based in Luxembourg

"K&P a pris le temps de comprendre la culture de notre entreprise et de bien cerner nos besoins. Ils ont su nous référer de bons candidats, nous assurant ainsi un processus d’entrevue efficient et concluant."

John Head of Wealth Management in an international Banking Group based in Luxembourg

“Merci à K&P ! ils ont su me conseiller et m’accompagner tout au long du processus de recrutement. Leurs compétences dans la recherche d’emploi m’ont permis d’être directement orientée vers des offres correspondant à mes attentes”

Marie Compliance Manager in an Insurance Company based in Luxembourg